Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bangers just gave me my Paris Hilton fix!

JM and I went to see Thor at Rockwell last week; it was awesome by the way. Since we only had half an hour to eat before the movie, we decide to try out Bangers and had our sandwiches to go.
Ever since we discovered the beauty of hanging out in Rockwell (and my fondness for sausages), we wanted to try out Bangers but never had the chance in the past.
The first thing I noticed is their logo and the menu board, which is cute and will give you a diner-type establishment feeling.
They serve sandwiches, side dishes and a little of pasta. You can get your sandwich ala carte or in a  combo (sandwich + side dish + soda).
I had the Paris Hilton combo. I don't know why they call it Paris Hilton but it consists of hotdog, onions, tomato, relish and bacon -- I'm after the bacon, never mind the relish:p. The sandwich is quite fulfilling and the hotdog is very juicy. 
JM had the hotdog with chili (oops I forgot the name). Same as mine, the hotdog is packed with meatiness and is very juicy. He liked it a lot since it also had slices of jalapeƱo, which gives the sandwich its worth deserved chili kick! 
The combo came with a potato salad which we think is just plain ordinary. Maybe a little more mayo and egg will do the trick :).
All in all Bangers gave us a wonderful sandwich dinner and we will gladly be back to try out the other entries on their menu.
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