Sunday, April 10, 2011

At Army Navy. Enjoy your meal. That's an order!

If there's a place where JM and I have eaten x number of times in the past year, it would be Army Navy. Since we discovered this burger + burrito place we just can't say no. 

So you can just imagine our excitement when they opened a branch near us! We can even go there in our pajamas! Its been a week since they opened and every night is full house night

As a breakfast gift to JM for keeping up with me yesterday, we had brunch at Army Navy Better Living. We got in around 10am and I thought that we were the only customers but after 10mins, more customers came in. 

Panoramic shot of the BL branch

JM ordered the chicken soft tacos while I had my staple chicken quesadilla, we also ordered some freedom fries and chocolate milkshake.   

Freedom fries, just like any other fries, is best consumed while hot. I like how crispy it is but very soft inside, I also like dipping it in mayonnaise. 

Freedom fries, Php60

Burritos and burgers are the most popular food choices in Army Navy but for me quesadilla is the best thing in their menu. The mouthwatering melted cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla makes every bite heaven for me, the chicken or steak filling is just a bonus.  

Chicken Quesadilla, Php135

JM originally wanted hard-shell tacos but since Army Navy does not carry it he ordered soft tacos and he certainly enjoyed it. He said that the meat was good, the serving is large enough for a light lunch or a big snack and it goes particularly well with the salsa.

Chicken Soft Tacos, Php125

I've been craving for milkshake in weeks, nothing special with their chocolate milkshake but this is way better than what Mcdonalds have. Its blended to perfection just the way I like it. 

Milkshake, Php99

If you want to treat someone you can never go wrong with Army Navy :).

Army Navy

Phone: (+632) 4073181 
Telefax: (+632) 4032891 


  1. Wow, the food looks great and nice name for the outlet.

  2. all the pictures look so mouthwatering... :P

  3. Thanks for the visits!

    We've already tried many of the items on their menu before starting SFTG. We'll probably have to write another post featuring them, but suffice it to say I am a big fan of their burritos. :)

  4. I like their slogan :D I'd like to try out their burger but Better Living is so far from where I'm at :(

  5. @Chew On This:
    They have a Pasig branch at the Strata 2000 building along Emerald Ave. in Ortigas Center. I think that's the one nearest you :)

  6. I also liked their freedom fries and now I'm suddenly craving for quesadillas because of the pictures :-s

  7. wow! that looks really good.. there's an ARMY NAVY at SM Fairview, maybe i could try it there one day..

  8. will tell hubby about army navy because we both love tacos! :)


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