Monday, March 28, 2011

Tailor-made milk tea

The last time we tried out milk tea at Jatujak in SM Mall of Asia, Mabie wasn't particularly impressed. That hasn't stopped us from having another go at it though, which is what we did with Tea.ology in Bonifacio Global City's Mercato Centrale.

Unlike Jatujak's more, um, "purist" version of milk tea (which I imagine is what it would've been like, had we actually been to Thailand), Tea.ology's brews are flavored. I think someone saw the appeal for Pinoys hiding in this cold concoction and simply decided to tailor its taste to our palates. Some of the more outlandish flavors include Blueberry Green Tea and the non-alcoholic Mojitea. Hmmm. I'm a fan of mojitos myself. Maybe I should try that next time.

Sticking to the safe side for now, we got their Dark Chocolate blend, coming in a regular 12oz size for about PhP75. The nice bit with Tea.ology is that they allow you to further tweak your tea, notably with the sweetness level and add-ons. The range of sweetness levels is from 25-100%, in 25% intervals, and add-ons include the ubiquitous pearls. 

For the Dark Chocolate brew we ordered, we had it at 75% and with pearls. The ladies preparing our drink mixed it in a cocktail shaker; I guess that's where the control of the sweetness comes in.

So how did it taste? Well...for something that was purportedly dark chocolate, it didn't taste very dark at all. It reminded me of the chocolate soy milk that Fruit Magic sells in bottles, only a tiny bit stronger. In pure cocoa content, then, it was a disappointment, but everything else was pretty good. It was not too sweet (hurrah!), the consistency of the ice was quite fine, and those like Mabie who aren't fond of the strong, leafy "this is authentic tea" taste will find that it's sufficiently toned down to be enjoyable. We finished off the cup as we walked away from Mercato Centrale and back to Bonifacio High Street in the heat of the 10am sun.

That said, I wonder how much better the "dark chocolate" would have tasted had we ordered it at 50% sweetness. Or maybe I should just have had the Mojitea? Tea.ology has a myriad flavors to choose from and numerous tweaks for each.



  1. It would probably taste "darker" at 25%. :D

  2. I think Mojitea would have been better. I have doubts when chocolate and tea go together teehee!

  3. Thanks for the visits ladies :)

    Somehow I doubt it. It really tends toward the chocolate soy milk end of the spectrum I think :) At 25% it'd probably be "semi-sweet" for lack of a better term hahaha!

    @Chew On This:
    Next time I'm definitely going for the Mojitea. It's supposedly non-alcoholic so I wonder how they pull their blend off.

  4. I read the last three posts and I have three words: interesting, interesting, interesting.

    I have heard a lot (actually, I've watched it on TV) about Mercato Centrale and reading your posts makes me wanna go there even more.

    On topic, I wonder how Blueberry Green Tea would taste like.

  5. interesting post sis. I love milk tea and your post made me curious about tea.ology.


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