Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pit Lane Grub? More please.

First of all, apologies for not having had a post in a while. I was away overseas on vacation for the better part of a month, and I'm still trying to gather my thoughts writing about it. Now, on to the matter at hand...

JM and Aibo attacking the chicane at Batangas Racing Circuit, 2/28/2010. 
Most people who visit this blog probably don't know that I am involved in amateur car racing. I've been driving the nuts off my little Honda in trackdays and time-attack events around various racetracks in the Philippines for a few years now, honing my skill and reducing my lap times in the process. One recurring theme is that, in the sweltering heat of your typical trackday, one would normally depart around noontime in search of food and water. (For example, when Subic International Raceway was still around, one of our favorite pit stops was Meat Plus Cafe, which Mabie wrote about in a previous post.) Very rarely would people bring along packed lunch or soft drinks kept chilled in a cooler.

When Mabie and I attended round 4 of this year's Circuit Showdown season in Batangas Racing Circuit last June 4, we saw a plucky little stand selling burgers grilled right on the spot. This little kiosk, appropriately enough, is named "Pit Lane Grub."

Somewhere in BRC's paddock... a stall that serves hungry racers and spectators their much-needed protein fix.
Pit Lane Grub's menu at Circuit Showdown round 4
Apparently Circuit Showdown has attracted enough of a steady following for food-savvy entrepreneurs to cater to hungry racers' appetites. Pit Lane Grub gives you a bit of freedom with what you put between your buns: you can choose between a quarter- or half-pound patty, and can further tweak your burger with a cheese slice, some wasabi mayo or blue cheese sauce. Curious, we decided to order a couple of quarter-pounder burgers. Mabie had hers with the cheese, while I had mine with the blue cheese sauce.

Look at 'em patties!

Prepping the rest of the burger
It took a while for our burgers to get served as there was a queue. While waiting, we were salivating at the sight of the burger patties and buns grilling away. When our orders were finally ready, we dug in.

Mabie's quarter-pound burger, with a cheese slice.
My quarter-pound burger. Don't see the blue cheese? I can't see it from outside either :p
One thing has to be said: these patties are served really, really juicy. Better still, they're an honest quarter pound each, with a satisfying heft to the meat. The patty is definitely the star of this show - so much so that my blue cheese sauce barely made any impression on the overall taste of the burger. I could pick very faint notes of its signature pungent scent as I swallowed each bite. I finished off my burger quickly as it was dripping into my fingers as I was enjoying it. For the price, it's a pretty good deal, but I figure I could've done away with the blue cheese sauce next time.

The next round of Circuit Showdown is at Clark International Speedway, on the first week of July. I have the feeling that Circuit Showdown's regular participants would love more Pit Lane Grub served piping hot and fresh.

JM and Aibo at Circuit Showdown round 4, Batangas Racing Circuit 6/4/2011. Photo by Marcial Pallera.

Pit Lane Grub
181 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


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