Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bliss, thy name is "mint pavlova"

We at Shoot From The Gut are probably not alone when it comes to seeking out little-known places for trying out new eats. Sometimes it's surprising how close these places are to our offices or neighborhoods; they're just waiting for their chance to be shown the spotlight for a moment.

One such place exists at the building where I work. It's a little bistro-cafe called Selah.

Located in Robinsons Cybergate Tower 2 in Mandaluyong, Selah serves brewed coffee, lunch and dinner, but the real draw of the place is its desserts. When we were still working together, my old boss and friend PJ and I used to go here as an occasional treat for a job well done or for picking dampened spirits up. So yes Selah has been around for quite a while.
Now doesn't that look inviting?

People may fiercely debate about what shop or bakery makes the best chocolate cake in the land. For Mabie and I, however, one of our personal favorites has to be Selah's PhP155 Mint Pavlova.

For comparison: BFast's fruit pavlova.
It's a unique choice for "favorite chocolate cake," because technically, it isn't one. For the uninitiated, a pavlova is a meringue-based dessert, named after famed ballerina Anna Pavlova. If you've eaten at Chef Laudico's BFast in Ayala Triangle Gardens, you'll find their pavlova is crumbly and brittle; essentially it's a saccharine-sweet meringue topped with fruit. Selah's concoction however is mild, pliant and soft, the stacked thin layers of meringue wrapped from crown to bottom with rich, semi-sweet chocolate.  

Much like a cake, then.
The belly of the beast

The "mint" in the name permeates through the thick chocolate icing. If you've eaten a York Peppermint Pattie or Andes dark chocolate mint thin before, the Mint Pavlova has a similar kind of smooth choco-minty taste, but with the volume of the dessert itself cranked up to 11.

It's a slightly expensive treat, but one worth rewarding yourself with when you've had success at work. The really neat thing about it is - availability allowing - it's just downstairs waiting for you! :D


  1. @Mel:
    It is! The chocolate's really yummy too.

    Sometimes Selah doesn't have it available though. If that's the case, their standard Chocolate Cake is almost as good and a little cheaper. I think it was about PhP110.

  2. @Ayen:
    Oh yes it's yummy :)

    I looked at your blog. I know Mandaluyong is a bit of a reach from Muntinlupa but if you're in the area you should try looking for Selah and having a bite!

    Thanks for the visit!

  3. Pavlova got me at meringue :) Hoping to try out both selah and bfast.


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