Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rise and shine

As this is the very first post on Shoot from the Gut, I thought it would be appropriate to start off with breakfast. I don't know about you, but I cannot function without brekkie in the morning. Besides they say people who eat breakfast tend to overeat less.

Mabie and I have developed a taste for good breakfast places lately and we'd like to share some of our better finds.

From the name, Kopi Roti is either Singaporean or Malaysian - I strongly believe it's the former. When I was still able to buy issues of Autocar ASEAN magazine back in 2004-2008, I read about the writers there enjoying some kopi tiam with kaya toast once in a while.

I got tea tarik and homemade roti toast with kaya spread. Tea tarik (PhP55) seems to be an ASEAN spin on the old English favorite, tea with milk. Roti toast  (PhP60) meanwhile is reminiscent of a crunchier French toast, and the kaya spread is a peculiar but tasty cross of coco jam and butter to my palate.

The tea wasn't boiling hot when served. It's meant to be consumed quickly.

Oddly enough I ordered all of this typical Singaporean breakfast fare in the evening. Hey, I got hungry and wanted a snack. :)

When a place calls itself "Heaven and Eggs" you probably already have an idea of what to expect...however this was a surprise. They call this dish "Salmon LeBon," in keeping with the rock theme of H&E and in tribute to the man from 1980s supergroup Duran Duran. 

What it is, is a reinvention of the classic Eggs Benedict, with a lettuce salad and salmon over a crunchy bread base. The poached egg, hollandaise sauce and tomatoes round out this simple but tasty and filling PhP335 dish.

Like my visit to Kopi Roti though, I had this as dinner - much later in the day. I guess that's why they call it all-day breakfast?
Time to return to the time in the morning when breakfast is meant to be consumed, methinks.

Out of all the popular coffee shops in the metro we found Seattle's Best Coffee serves the best breakfast around. I am an absolute sucker for their protein-heavy omelettes, served with your choice of filling, orange marmalade and French toast. This meal is a gut-buster and it'll keep you full for a good four hours at least because of the protein.

The ham and cheese omelette (PhP185) is my favorite, but the sausage and mushroom filling (PhP190) is pictured above.

Mabie also tried a few of their other items. Above are pancakes served with chicken sausage. It looks plain but don't judge it from looks.

Lastly, we have one of SBC's Regular Breakfast combos (PhP150). Two eggs done sunny-side-up (but you can have them served scrambled too), toast, orange marmalade, and some of the best bacon around. SBC cooks its bacon as very very thin strips, so they come out crunchy and satisfyingly salty without turning your tongue into prosciutto ham in the process.


  1. Dropped by from GT, congrats on the new food blog sis. :)

    I haven't tried dining at Kopi Roti but your photos sure look good. Keep it up. following your blog sis/ sisses? :)

  2. Thanks Madz! Yeah we've only just scratched the surface of what Kopi Roti has to offer. Will write again on future visits.

    Technically Mav is the only "sis" - I guess you could classify me as a "bro" :)

  3. Thanks Pammy! What else would you suggest we get from our next visit to Kopi Roti? Any favorites?

  4. Thanks pinkc00kies, we'll try that on our next visit. :)


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