Friday, February 25, 2011

Smell Something Fishy?

Once in a while, most of us want to forget about the four letter word. DIET.
So we tend to over splurge ourselves by dining out in an eat-all-you can restaurant. I recently discovered a restaurant that is similar to my favorite eat-all-you can place at a more affordable rate(Php325++/pax). Isn’t it cool? It’s called Something Fishy. Mind you its not an all-fish place, they serve Japanese, Filipino and a little Continental choices of food. They also have a wonderful dessert selection. Let me take you to a little photo-essay on my Sunday Lunch.

The nice colorful welcome door
to food haven!

Ooopsss, not my plate:p
The one on stick is called the Steamed Mahi-mahi
There are fresh oysters and oysters baked with cheese.

Most of the appetizers are here.
The pasta corner.
Kare kare and pinakbet.
Crispy fried chicken. Laing. Kuhol sa Gata.
Bopis. Kalderetang Baka. Lechon Paksiw
Lechon kawali and lechon baboy.

Halo halo corner! I like!
This I like more!
Mocha. Strawberry. Vanilla. Chocolate.
Toppings for your ice cream.
You can also request for the dessert master to make you some crepe
Music while eating.

We want to maximize our money spent on buffets right? Just be sure not to overstuff yourself. Try to eat fruits in between meals to clean your palate. Happy eat-all-you can!

Somethin' FishyEastwood City Walk 1
Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 421-2121


  1. grabe sis! your post made me feel hungry. the photos are so inviting except for the lechon.. natakot! Thank you for sharing, i will try to visit this resto at libis. :)

    - mel

  2. Hahaha parang mangangain lang yun lechon:)

  3. not bad for P400! achieve!

    inferness, i know how hard it is to take low light shots, and you did great in this set ^_^

  4. Thanks Chyng! Naku po beginner na beginner pa ako, sinusubukan ko pa ang mga tips and tricks iapply haha!

  5. wow the dessert looks yummy. haha lugi ako always sa buffet e :P

  6. Ako sulit na sulit sa mga eat all you can:D

  7. Wooohhhooo! That's a lot of food. I think, I will have to go back over and again just to have a taste of everything. Yay, kumusta naman ang diet? Haha.

    Visiting from GT sis.

  8. Haha thanks for visiting! :). Walang diet diet haha :D

  9. Wow, that's a lot of food indeed. Quite an extensive selection nga for those who want to try their place. The sushis are <3!

  10. Mouth watering Mav :) Namiss ko tuloy E-wood :)

  11. I believe nakakain na ako dito, kaso it was night and yellowish masyado ang lighting so di ko na pinost. (but I maybe wrong!)

    I think I've disregarded diet quite too many times already to even care. Haha. :P

  12. love your blog :) thanks for sharing great food!

    325 for all the food served in the buffet? Do they have scheduled meals din ba like sa Dad's (lunch and dinner)?

  13. Thank you everyone! Walang diet diet ito :D

    @herroyalbleakness Yes I think they follow the same scheduled meals like Dad's :) but I think they also serve ala carte foods:)


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