Sunday, February 20, 2011

Going classic

My team at the office organized free lunch last January at C2 Classic Cuisine, in Shangri-La Plaza Mall's The Ledge at the sixth floor. The place offers pretty good Filipino food. Below are some of the entrees we had...unfortunately I can't remember what some of these dishes are called.

The first main course is a fried tilapia-based dish with crispy vegetables and a side order of atchara, or the Pinoy version of pickled vegetable relish. Fish lovers will love how finely the fillet was cooked, and the atchara is a great companion.

This next dish I never was able to try. This seems like an all-vegetable dish, topped with sprouts.

At last, something I remember: ribs kaldereta. Very yummy indeed, and very similar to what my grandmother cooks.

Next up is crispy kare-kare. Call me ignorant but before this trip to C2 I had never had crispy kare-kare ever. As it turns out it's a good combination, although I still prefer the non-crispy kind with bagoong omitted.

C2 serves some pretty good, thick tsokolate-eh

Funny name? It's named that way due to the Spanish colonial period. The "eh" comes from not any BatangueƱo influence, but from the word esposo meaning "thick" or "viscous." In contrast, tsokolate-ah is named from the word aguado which literally means "watered-down."

I should visit again...if only to get the names of these dishes right. Another sip of that delicious tsokolate-eh won't hurt either ;)


  1. I guess you liked C2 as much as I did too :) I never tried the sprout dish before.

  2. wow! yummy food you got there!

  3. I only read good things about C2, and yet I haven't dined there. I MUST. :)

  4. @Chew On This and kimmy:
    Thanks for the visits and comments :) Yeah C2 deserves another visit, if only to taste the slightly new spins they put into every entree.

    My lolo Pete, who is now based in Florida and comes back here to visit every few years, apparently loves C2's offerings. I think that's the recommendation right there. :)

  5. yummy! i wanna try their guinataan and biko barako! haha puro desserts :D


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